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Who likes to fuck in Hubbard

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Let's do it. Seeking a female, age 28 thru 45 (or so), in optimalunmarried,emotionally clear and preferably unencumberedfree to fly, as be I. I like all kinds of music, sci-fi, and action movies. I like the beach.

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Top definition.

Ron Hubbard religion. Quite possiblythe greatest conman ever. See Scientology.

Scientology: Still Creepy | GQ

Why Mister Tom Cruise, the evil aliens are attacking your brain. Ron Hubbard unknown. The greatest con man on the face of the earth.

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Founder of scientology, a religion based on donating money to gain eternal happiness. As much bullcrap as this really is, millions of people all over the world already belong to this scam, makin Mr.

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Hubbard a very rich man. It is completly pointless to hate L.

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Ron Hubbard for scamming so much people; instead, hate all those dumbass Americans such as John Travolta, Lkkes Cruise, etc for falling victims to the most idiotic yet successful scam ever. Fuck it, Who likes to fuck in Hubbard deserve to get conned for being such idiots and actually believing that an alien name Xenu ruled the galaxy over 65 million years ago.

Ron Hubbard is the greatest con man in the world thanks to all of his idiot followers. My role modelladies and gentlemen.

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You are the enlightened beings,Im so proud you all likrs ''cleared'' all these obstacles. After all this world is all about the spiritually elite, said L.

Ron Hubbardthe satanic pimp. Conartist that wants ppl to believe that they're infested by evil alien souls, and that should pat big money to have them kept at bay Deserves to have his dick cut off by papercuts. Ron Hubbard say? L Ron Hubbard religion.

Who likes to fuck in Hubbard

The man who proved that no matter what non-sense you add to a religionpeople are going to believe it. A science fiction author who invented a religion involving books containing much of the same nonsense as his earlier science fiction novels, except that people believe it.

An author who has written many books - none of which should be taken seriously, but which people accept religiously. L Ron Hubbard told us fucj it must be true! Lafayette Ronald Hubbard is the founder of Scientology, and perhaps the greatest genius to have ever lived.

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Hubbard is, perhaps, the greatest con-artist in the history of mankind. Tom Cruise is a fucking dumbass.

L. Ron Hubbard - Wikipedia

Scientology is the greatest scam ever. Ron Hubbard, you are a genius.

Reprinted in the original for the first time in 75 yearsListen to Dr. Hubbard!Keep your virtue! In the battle to retain her purity, a young woman's path is b. Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, a hypnotist bigamist who once told Reitman, "and was like, 'What the fuck is this science fiction shit?. s of Hubbard Women Dating Personals. I would like to learn how to operate a motorcycle??? are you game? Hubbard Women Sex Personals HERE.

Quite possibly the cause for everything corrupt in this world today. Ron Hubbard.