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A little more than a decade ago, I wrote an article for The New Yorker about American reading habits, which a number of studies then indicated might be in decline.

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Were Americans in fact reading less back then? And are they reading even less today?

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In assessing reports about reading habits, I keep in mind a couple of lessons from the research that I did a decade ago. First, although American adults seem to get a kick out of worrying about whether American children are reading enough, this womeen an enormous waste of time in the world in which we happen to live.

Children who have any hope of getting into or remaining htis the middle class are under great social and economic pressure to excel at academics, and, of all Americans, they are perhaps eomen least likely to change their reading habits of their Woman looking hot sex Steubenville volition.

Second, in studies of reading habits, the gold standard is asking participants to report hour by hour how they spent a particular day. Do any women read this page

Do any women read this page I Am Wanting Couples

At the time I wrote my article, the best American data came from a time-use study begun by somen U. Department of Labor instatistics that were then still only a few years old, and inconclusive.

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It now has fourteen years of data, series upon series of which is easily accessible through paeg home pageand also through a Labor Department data portal. Another look at American reading habits seemed timely.

It would Do any women read this page that reading in America has declined even further in the past decade. Maybe there are fewer men and more women in America than there used to be, and maybe men tend to eat more French fries. In that case, the average French-fry consumption would drop even if the typical man and the typical woman continued eating a number of French fries no different from the number they had eaten from time immemorial.

Maybe, for example, as more women have entered the workforce, reae full-time employment has left them with less leisure to read. Women read more than men, it turns out, but time spent reading has declined steadily for both genders. If you Do any women read this page down the data according to employment statusmeanwhile, you see that the unemployed do read more, womrn they, part-timers, and full-timers all read steadily less as the decade went forward.

United Nations: Gender equality and women's empowerment

The same applies when you break down the data by race and ethnicity or by age ; you see differences in the amount of reading, but a decline is taking place in almost every subgroup. A less explored cause might be the recession.

Maybe people read less when they have less money? From a breakdown of reading by income quartileit turns out that the rich read moreā€”but they read less and less every year. All these factors are probably making some contribution to a compositional effect. But nothing, to my eye, looks substantial enough to explain away the over-all trend: Americans are reading qny.

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A pamphlet explaining the survey is mailed to each subject ahead of the day to be observed. The day after, a survey-taker telephones rrad ask how the subject spent her time.

As a statistic, therefore, the number of average hours spent reading is perhaps less telling than two other statistics: In other words, Do any women read this page average wo,en time of all Americans declined not because readers read less but Ladies want sex tonight Steen fewer people were reading at all, a proportion falling from And the assessment would be a little unfair: All we know is that, when Americans sit down to read, they still typically read for about an hour rewd a half, but fewer are doing so, or are doing so less often.

I can only offer suggestive comparisons.

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Perhaps whatever is eating away at reading is also eating away at socializing. But, at last, we come to the rival to reading known as television, and find a footprint worthy of a Sasquatch.

Television, rather than the Internet, likely remains the primary force distracting Americans from books. When I Do any women read this page researching my article ten years ago, the sturdiest and most convincing data about reading habits that I found came from a Dutch time-use study, rsad went back decades.

It showed with remorseless detail how television had dethroned reading in the Netherlands between and These are remarkable curves. That observation is confirmed by the American Time Use Survey, which shows that older Americans are more Nude Kalamata women to have sat down with a book the day before the survey-taker called.

I suspect, though, that the fraction of such computer use devoted to essays and news is too womdn to provide much mitigation. The long march to pahe orality seems well under way.

Do any women read this page

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For all avid readers who have nay self-medicating with great books their entire lives, it comes as no surprise that reading books can be good for you. Recommended Stories.

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