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Buttercream ruffles and roses layer cake

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My Mum and Dad's anniversary is a couple of days before Fathers day so I wanted to make them a cake that was for both of them.  I opted for my Dad's favorite sponge carrot cake and decorated it with roses and ruffles which I knew my Mum would love. I did a 6" cake with 3 layers.

This is my first attempt at buttercream ruffles and roses.  I have seen many other people's amazing ruffles and roses cakes and I wanted to combine the two. I was very pleased with the results and I can't wait to use these techniques for future cakes.

My Cake! 

ruffles and roses buttercream cake 

  Ruffles and roses buttercream layer cake (top)

The recipe I used for the carrot cake can be found on my carrot cake blog post.  This recipe made 3 x 6" cake layers (quite thick) and 12 cupcakes. 


Once the cakes had cooled I levelled the 6" layers and then stacked them using pink coloured cream cheese frosting.  I added a little more (approx 100g) icing sugar to the recipe I have linked to just to make it a little thicker to help the ruffles remain ruffled! if your icing is too runny then they won't hold their shape.

Here is a picture of my first two ruffle attempts, not bad but I did improve as I worked my way around the cake...


The best tutorial for ruffles in my opinion is by Sweet and Saucy on you tube.  Click here to be directed.

For the top I  did buttercream swirls to give the appearance of roses and added a light pink fondant leaf to the ones that were raised.  I will do a tutorial soon on buttercream roses as it is really quite simple and very effective.

I hope you give this a try as it would make a lovely special occasion cake, especially in my opinion for a christening or wedding.

Finally I would just like to add that the blog post called 'I guess that's why they call it the blues' by Sugar Daze (formally known as Little Miss Cupcake Paris) was true inspiration for the top of this cake and I will definitely be trying the multi coloured buttercream roses (that you will see if you click on the link) soon.

Happy baking everyone!

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  1. Paula B.

    I love your cake. It's beautiful! My daughter's birthday, # 33 is coming up soon and pink is definitely her signature color. She loves roses and has a gorgeous rose garden, so ruffles and roses fits her well. I'm going to try to make this using your picture as my inspiration. You did a terrific job on this lovely cake. Strawberry Lane Cake Company: Thank you so much Paula :-)

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  2. Ella

    Thank you Kelly. I hope it goes well and happy birthday.

    Posted on

  3. Kelly Love

    GORGEOUS! I'm going to try making this for my birthday this weekend. Love the roses on top!

    Posted on

  4. Ella

    Hi Lanie. Sorry for the delay in my response. I used rosette technique. Here is a link to the Wilton website with a tutorial and details of the icing tip. I hope this helps.

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  5. Lanie

    That is so beautiful what icing tip did you use for the roses?

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